BOOK LAUNCH: The Little Book of Big Ideas for Construction Professionals

And Those Who Work with Them

As the man once said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

-Ted Lasso

I realized early on in my career that I was more interested in the people side of the industry than the technical side of the industry.  The spark that lit the fuse toward me going into coaching was a course in organizational behavior.  I got the theory of what motivates people and got to experiment the very next day at work.  The more I tapped into that perspective, the more I drew colleagues into deeper conversations.  That led to getting trained as a coach and continuing that passion of working with technical professionals to help them set and exceed their goals, understand their “why”, and grow both personally and professionally.

-Michael Riegel

I don’t think I would have become the professional I became without the collective learning and guidance from family, educators, colleagues, managers, and team members. How that all gets integrated is all highly individualized. Just as failure is a good (perhaps the best) learning opportunity, we use both positive and negative experiences to move forward.

All of those experiences were instrumental in writing this book and bringing those lessons forward for others. Hopefully, this allows you to begin “working smarter, not harder” and avoiding many (many, many) mistakes I made throughout my career.

What they say:

Effective leaders empower and motivate others to explore, to be inquisitive, and to achieve their wildest dreams – qualities that can be difficult to find in the construction industry. Mike’s book is a must-read for leaders who want to raise their own bar. – Catherine Best, Compliance Officer, Ducci Electrical Contractors Inc.

Discover a pivotal ‘hip pocket training’ resource that bridges the gap between knowing and applying leadership principles in the fast-paced construction industry. This compact guide is an indispensable tool for construction professionals at all levels, offering actionable strategies for motivating teams, building trust, and cultivating a positive work environment.

Within these pages, find practical advice on forming successful partnerships, managing time and change, and navigating complex workplace dynamics, including handling difficult personalities. Learn the art of strategic communication and how to balance the demands of work and life, all while focusing on your professional growth and leadership development.

Keep this book close at hand as a go-to source for inspiration and guidance. It’s designed to turn everyday challenges into opportunities for success, transforming your approach to leadership in the construction sector. – – Edison Cassels, President and CEO, Edison Foard Construction

As National President of a volunteer construction industry association that’s known for building leaders, Michael coached me and helped me clarify my vision for leadership training and coached key association members and professional staff. If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level, it’s Michael Riegel. —Anne Pfleger, former President of National Association of Women in Construction


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